About Us

Located in the heart of downtown Salina, Kansas, opening September of 2001, Martinelli’s has some of the best Italian cuisine to offer. Because Martinelli’s is locally owned and operated by Tony and his family, our staff is dedicated to making sure that the guest always comes first providing you with a great dining experience.

The minute you walk through the doors you will feel as though you have actually entered a restaurant located in the center of Italy itself. From the candlelit tables to the delicious aromas of traditional Italian food, you will not be able to believe your senses. Every bite is like a minute away from reality.

Making our entrees isn’t just about getting it made and out to a guest, it is more than that. Here at Martinelli’s we take pride in everything we make to guarantee satisfaction. All our sauces are handmade and all our dishes are prepared with such care they are sure to please! While you sip one of our many wines; relax and enjoy all the classic songs that add to the already cozy atmosphere. All the classics by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, and Tony Bennett!

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